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Now is your chance to advertise your Marijuana related business to a market that you know uses your products. Advertise in the New Cookbook, we are almost finished with the final edit and are selling ad space in the book in the form of RECIPE ADOPTION. Click Here for details.

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Where can you get the Medical Menu?

Where can you get the Medical Menu?


The Medical Menu has taken off like nothing we expected here at We are now in Multiple states and expanding fast.

The Medical Menu Cookbook has been out now for about 3 months and we are proud to announce the locations near you to find it.


Shakedown Street on 670 Leonard in Grand Rapids

The Twisted Monkey on 5522 Division in Kentwood

Mid-Michigan Compassion Club 933 Leonard in Grand Rapids

Elite Health 310 Fulton Down town Grand Rapids

Purple East on 250 Ionia in Grand Rapids




Day Dreams 2326 University Ave Des Moines


Contact us to get your copies of the Medical Menu and start selling them in your Store, shop or event.