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Are you fed up with this Govt and their lack of respect for a law that WE THE PEOPLE passed? Well here is the chance to fix it. CLICK HERE for information on how you can help make Marijuana Legal in the state of Michigan for all adults. Freedom comes with responsibility and if we can not be free this Govt is responsible. Take a stand today, tomorrow may be too late.

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The Medical Menu

The Medical Menu

Introducing the New Medical Menu Cookbook

The Cookbook will sell at retail for $39.95 and on delivery you will be able to immediately make your investment back if you order in bulk. This Cookbook will be well over 100 pages of recipes alone and over 30 pages of educational and instructional information relating to the Marijuana plant, THC molecules and the science behind cooking cannabis.

The Cookbook is a 3 ring binder styled full color plastic coated hard cover book with durable and sturdy pages, this is a book that will keep for many years and will be a cookbook you would be very proud to give to clients, customers and suppliers.