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-Order The Medical Menu

We here at have assembled a great new cook book of marijuana recipes and we have them available for Order NOW!!!.


The Cookbook will sell at retail for $39.95 and on delivery you will be able to immediately make your investment back if you order in bulk. This Cookbook will be well over 100 pages of recipes alone and over 30 pages of educational and instructional information relating to the Marijuana plant, THC molecules and the science behind cooking cannabis.

The Cookbook is a 3 ring binder styled full color plastic coated hard cover book with durable and sturdy pages, this is a book that will keep for many years and will be a cookbook you would be very proud to give to clients, customers and suppliers. This edition is the Premier Edition and comes with a free CD Rom version of the cookbook inside, a $14.95 Value yours free!

This cookbook will be destine for the New York Best Sellers list and we are working out national agreements for distribution at this time and plan a national media blitz at launch.

We have spent much time researching what was available on the market and found that no one has done what we have done. There are hundreds of Cannabis cookbooks but they are not a serious attempt at listing great food ideas with a medible twist. What we found is cookbooks with a few dozen recipes with instructions like Buy a box of brownies and add an ounce of weed. Hello most people with a brain do not need to spent $20 on that idea they can figure that out on their own.
We have gone to the extreme by providing a huge number of recipes, 35 dozen recipes to be exact, covering everything from general chemistry of THC to the science of cooking with cannabis. We cover all types of foods including breads, salads, dressings, snacks, entrées, desserts and beverages and everything in between. We have included a full 420 Chronic Cannabis Concoctions to satisfy your CANNArvoric appetite.
This is not some stoner’s collection of cosmic cookies, Scooby snacks or magic munchies this is a serious menu of Medical Marijuana Meals and we are planning to donate a portion of the proceeds to the OM Medical, a Medical Marijuana Charity.  So get on board now and help us get this project going.
Choose your level of involvement below by advertising in our Cookbook, adopting a recipe or becoming a distributor.


If you adopt 100 Cookbooks or more you will be given a larger discount on future reorders and listed in our book as an Authorized Distributor of the Cookbook with contact information so people who have seen the cookbook and want to order for a friend will be able to get a copy from you.

Order "The Medical Menu" BELOW.

Order now and we will not charge shipping and handling plus you get an early order discount.

We are looking to bring the cook book to press in a couple months with a National Release date of April (4) 20, 2012.

There is only a couple of weeks left and you will have dropped the bowl.


The Medical Menu will retail at $39.95













Authorized Distributor and the Authorized Distributor pricing 15% over manufacturers cost and a listing on our website with link as our Authorized Distributor.